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Hands 4 Paws

HANDS 4 PAWS in Killeen, TX Needs your HELP!

I have been contacted by a foster mom for Hands 4 Paws in Killeen, Texas. They have a ton of puppies right now looking for homes and she asked if I could could share their pictures and information and I am happy to do so! They are all up for foster to adopt while they finish up being fully vetted. Adoption applications can be found at and additional information can be found on their facebook page

If you can help, or you know of someone who can, please share this information!  Thank you!

In the first photo with all the puppies. That is Natika in the center. She is a lab mix and she is extremely sweet! She came into the shelter and had 8 little puppies. She has severe kennel cough and Hands 4 Paws pulled her and her puppies and placed them in a foster home. The foster mom is a dog trainer and has already started training the puppies and Natika! They are about 5 weeks old and are almost ready for foster to adopt. They will be fully vetted including spay/neuter before being adopted. Their are more pictures with names on the Facebook page.

In the second picture (top left to right) we have Sealy. She is a dachshund mix. Very sweet and well behaved! Loves everyone! The next picture is Alfie He is a 6 month old Airedale mix. He was my foster, but then he got adopted and then returned to us because their dog became depressed. He is in another foster home and he is doing awesome. Potty trained, loves playing with dogs and humans.

Then next is Lance. He is about 3-4 years old and we believe he is a Catahoula mix. He is very sweet and loves laying around and playing. In that same collage the big picture is Meeka. She is a boxer mix. She is extremely loving! She is crate trained, loves kids and dogs. Next to her on the top is Sammy. He is a hound mix about 1 and a 1/2 years old. He is very energetic but loves to snuggle too. He has some allergies but we were able to get it under control with a grain free white fish food. He has been with us for a long time, so he is ready for a furever home. Under him is Miss Lola. She is my foster. She is an 8 month old toy poodle mix. She is a MAJOR snuggler. She loves to play and is potty trained and crate trained!