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Client Comments
Always happy to provide additional references!

We were immediately comfortable with Jill and knew that she would take excellent care of our cats and and would watch over our home while we were away.  The daily updates were great!  We never worried and when we got home there were NO readjustment issues!  We will definitely ask Jill to pet sit again!

- Lynette and Ron T., Andice, TX

We were leaving on a family vacation for two weeks and visited a couple animal kennels. All of the barking and cages made us realize this is not the environment our pets are used to and would enjoy while we were away. We were told about Jill, but quite frankly we were not excited about a stranger coming into our house. After calling Jill she came to our house to meet us and our pets. They say animals can read people... well they must have read something good because unlike other visitors they loved Jill! We have 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 birds and 3 chickens. Our dogs have a specific raw died that Jill took careful notes and was up for the challenge. Our 2 inside dogs are also litter box (modified) trained which required daily exchanging of the artificial grass and cleaning. Again Jill was up for the challenge. Everyday we were gone Jill sent pictures and messages on how the animals were doing (via cell phone text message). Everyday that passed we became more confident that things were just fine with us away. Jill came morning and evening and it was as if someone was at the house. We will certainly be using Jill anytime our animals need caring for!

- Tom and Sheila E., Georgetown, TX

I recently called Jill at PAWSitively PURRfect to care for my treasured and loved dog.  I think most of us feel that the care of our pets is very important and feeling positive about your choice helps with a worry free trip.  I have used in-home pet care before.  You have to feel confident that your pet is in good hands as well as feeling the person you are giving a key to your home is trustworthy.  Jill runs a completely professional service and I received a little video or a text update with a picture on every visit which was very reassuring.  I had gotten in an ice storm on my trip and was driving late into the night.  Jill kept in touch with me and wanted me to text her upon my return (which was 2:00 am) so that she would absolutely know that the responsibility of my pet had transferred back to me upon my arrival.  This was on a Christmas day!  That was really impressive to me.  Jill takes her responsibility very seriously.  I would not hesitate to use her service again or recommend her.  Couldn’t be more pleased with this service!

- Paula D., Georgetown, TX

Jill sat our two cats, Casey and Penny, for over two weeks while we traveled to England to visit family.  She visited our pets twice daily, fed them, cleaned their litter box and, to our amazement, befriended them!
What bowled us over were the daily emails we received from Jill.  I won't quote them here but they were so warm and confidence-building that they made our being away from our animals more comfortable.  We always worried a bit before that our dears might be highly stressed at being alone.  Other sitters were not communicative about them.  The details of Jill's daily interaction with them -- especially Casey -- who has always been very shy around other people, gave us cause to smile, even laugh at the antics going on.

This woman knows and loves animals!  We will use her services again and again!

- Joe and Marie L., Georgetown, TX

Before I met Jill, I was uncertain about having a complete stranger come into my house while I wasn't there to check on my animals. Trust is the keyword here. When Jill came for the initial consultation, I liked her immediately and knew I could trust her. She was amazing with all of our animals. Even the cats liked her; and we have 1 guy who is particularly skiddish around new people. She took the time to ask specific questions and learn our routine and our way of taking care of our furry kids.  Jill has proven time and again that she is not only caring and trust-worthy but that she can handle tough situations with the utmost grace. For example, we were gone for two weeks on a family vacation. All went smooth except that 4 days into our vacation one of our dogs got sick with diarrhea. It is important to note here that we were completely out of reach! Well, as we drove closer to civilization and cell service I started checking my phone for texts, emails, voice mail, etc. It was then that I found out what had transpired during our camping trip. Let's just say that Jill handled the situation beautifully. She did her best to contact me to see how I would handle the situation, and when I was unavailable, she took matters into her own hands. She took our dogs to the vet, got them medication, and put them on special food, that she had to prepare! She even took the time to scrub the poop out of our rugs. Jill went above and beyond the call of duty. We love Jill and so do our animals!
- Anna J., Georgetown, TX
Kelly and I wanted to thank you for such amazing care for our pets.  It can only be described as the perfect balance of meticulous professionalism and personal touch.  Everything truly exceeded our expectations: extensive research, detailed reports from each visit, and most of all -- happy pets.  With me being in the Air Force and often being called away on short notice and my wife working in the healthcare field, we have tried using home pet sitting services in the past and have been largely unsatisfied.  Our search is now over - your service is unrivaled!
Thank you from all of us!
- Matt & Kelly D., Georgetown,TX
Jill is fantastic, she took care of our two dogs, and one cat for almost 3 weeks, they were very well looked after. She made an initial visit and took plenty of time to get to know our pets, they warmed to her immediately. She made precise notes on their eating habits, medications and their routines. She also took care of taking in our mail, and watering all my plants. I would not hesitate to have Jill take care of our babies again. When we came home, she had written daily notes on each of the animals. I was also able to get a hold of her every time I just wanted to check in on them.
- Sharon M., Georgetown, TX
Jill's deep understanding of animals takes caring for your pets to a whole new level. She finds special ways to connect with any animal that she cares for. They perceive Jill's genuine heart and caring nature and befriend her immediately. This is merely a handful of the qualities and tender loving care she has given to our pets for 20 years.  After all --- peace of mind is priceless.
- Teri H., Georgetown, TX
Jill has assisted me with my many companions since 1978. She has always demonstrated devoted, loving care at all stages of their lives, from the youngest to the most senior.  She is particularly vigilant with special needs animals and is most diligent with medications and treatments.  She is a woman of her word.  If she agrees to do tasks, they will assuredly be accomplished.  She is timely and trustworthy. I could not ask for a better care giver and will be sorely disappointed when I move to Tennessee where I am certain it will be difficult to find a pet sitter with her superior qualities.  My highest marks and regards can be given to Jill and PAWSitively PURRfect Pet Sitting.
  - Hallie N.